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Performance. Its not what we do. Its Who we are. Each memeber of the team is talented and specialised in more than one area of interest.Together we make sure you are investing in the best talent at each stage of your project.

Aashish Karode has an acknowledged reputation as an uncompromising Urban designer and Architect of over 30 years in India and Abroad. He believes in architectural design as sculpture, that is beautiful and functional, ecologically responsible and environmentally sustainable. In previous years, he has worked with leading consultancy firms in India and the United States of America.

Aashish’s experience includes all the allied areas of Architecture, Urban design, Project planning,programming as also interior design. A skilled facilitator, he has been the point person for many of our complex, publicly scrutinized projects. He is primarily responsible for visioning, design and project planning, and provides oversight on all aspects of the project. He defines client expectations, and balances functional or business objectives with requirements, schedule, and budget constraints. Aashish has also taught Architectural Design, Urban Design and the History of Architecture both in India and the United States.

Aashish Karode

Sushil Louis Karer has 30 years of leadership and recognized service in concept development, Architecture and Interior Design and project implementation in IT, Hospitality, Retail and Residential sectors. His experience and commitment is a complement to DA’s sustainability resume and market focus. Sushil adds depth and energy to our leadership team and under him, Design Atelier has emerged as one of the most highly regarded architectural firms in the country. Sushil has been focused on the role design plays in creating exciting and stimulating environments that are sustainable over their life cycle and use resources conservatively. His responsibilities are typically initiated with business development, and presentation, transitioning into project planning and direction. In the span of his career, Sushil has been associated with leading consultancy firms M/s Ruth Lahav-Tony Rigg Associates, Jerusalem, Israel where he worked on “Passive Solar” design technologies. Before he founded Design Atelier Architects, he worked extensively with the premier Indian exhibition design and construction firm, Raj Karer and Associates, in India, Europe-Poland and the CIS, working on design and implementation of major national and international exhibitions. He continues to travel extensively in India and abroad to stay abreast of the latest developments in design attitudes and material and construction technologies and advances in architecture and Interior design.

Sushil Karer

Abdul Bari has been  intimately involved with contemporary architectural design as his main focus remains architecture and place-making in built environments. He also has a flair for adaptive re-use projects and has engaged his passion for different design contexts of cities gaining hands-on experience in arenas of Building Conservation, Public Space and Urban Design. In his early career, Abdul worked short stints in the gulf region, returned to India and worked closely with the government sector, where he had a pivotal role in inner city redevelopment projects. He sustains a keen interest in Planning and strives to walk the line between academia and professional practice by writing on themes that engage both.

Abdul Bari

Madhvi’s experience of over 20 years includes design & detailing roles on quick service retail, education and workplace design projects and of bespoke residences. She has developed numerous schematic designs,construction documents, and presentations on several project interiors and construction projects through to completion. She is experienced in design management, project documentation planning and overall management of projects and site coordination with all contractors and suppliers. Her managerial acumen and people orientation help her to coordinate multiple developments proficiently with both CAD and hand sketching of drafts.

Madhvi Gogia
Senior Architect

Gautam has shaped his Interior and architecture experiences into a special ability to translate them with design skills in his chosen discipline.He has over fifteen years of experience in Design Development and Visualization of Interior projects and a strong background in both commercial , offices and workplaces & residential projects. His exceptional good nature and dilligence at the project sites make him a confident designer with site performance par excellence

Gautam Ghosh Dastidar
Senior Interior Designer

Amber is responsible for Architectural design, detailing, drawings and visualization on architecture projects. He takes concepts to creation as he anticipates and manages inherent and unforeseen issues to reduce project risks, while effectively managing all resources and consultants. He has worked on a range of buildings including campus buildings and institutional buildings. Amber is deeply involved in the Green movement, and actively involved in the exploration of form and new aesthetics through light and modeling studies. An enthusiastic sportsman, Amber is an excellent Badminton player. From another life he remains a skilled traditionally trained jeweler and jewelry designer.

Amber Soni
Senior Architect

Akshat is a man of many interests beyond architecture and design- technology and software. At work he can be found adapting plans according to circumstances and resolving problems that may arise during construction.

Akshat Pathak
Project Architect

Kush is a dependable and committed Architect with the skills and the enthusiasm to take on challenges and deliver them on time. He has been involved with a residential and housing projects including some large Township Master planning, Office buildings, Data Centres, Office Interiors, Institutional buildings like schools, and especially assignments for delivery of construction document packages. Kush enjoys the complexity of managing projects at site and with his many skills and considers the challenge of  “making it happen” his biggest inspiration. Dealing with consultants, and exploring new techniques and software related approaches to design management is a high for him. He is working his way into a Design Management position through the extensive efforts of design and drawing management on his projects.

Kush Suri
Project Architect

Pallavi works as easily between Architecture and Interiors. She believes it is all part of the same thing- Design which is her passion. She is working her way into a design management position with a client facing role. include visualizing and sketching design plans as per client goals, sourcing products and materials, determining costs and inspecting construction to ensure alignment with design specifications.

Pallavi Saxena
Project Architect

Chetna has been involved with a range buildings, hotels, restaurants, green office buildings, industrial, institutional buildings like schools, miscellaneous campus buildings, hostels, administrative buildings, conference halls, kindergarten facilities.  Her design expertise includes space planning, drawing and design management to integrate building services and technologies into her projects. She easily coordinates design in Interior construction projects, working easily at once with with Mood Boards and Color palletes on the one hand and with technical experts and suppliers across sectors on building projects on the other. She is inspired to develop special presentation graphics and very conversant with BIM drawing systems, Virtual Reality and other new age tools of the trade.

Chetna Jain
Project Architect

Rawat Sir, is the rock of the teams delivery system. Making detailed technical plans and drawings comes easily to him as with his 20 years of experience he encounters familiar problems and solves them with ease each day, advising and helping so many others with their projects. Rawat Sir is skilled at correlating drawings between services, CAD, quantity surveying and interpreting and modifying data obtained from surveys and structural consultants.

VS Rawat
Senior Assistant Architect

Suhail is an energetic and competent individual with skills and experience. He works to create a new kind of spaces which are both aesthetically appealing and comfortable. He has always been interested in learning new techniques and trends to incorporate them into his work in the best possible manner. He is a creative person who takes pride in his own work. With good communication skills and being confident about what he thinks, He is positive about his role and projects.

Suhail Ahemad
Project Architect

In a short time Shambhavee has been developing a pronounced interest in BIM and plans to make a career out of building information sets for buildings. Her interest in architecture is urpasssed by her passion for new technologies and finding new ways to provide sites with data, drawings and visuals to get the best results in the shortest possible times.

BIM Architect

Shubham is an Architect with a keen interest in the urban development of cities and green design. He wants to create a better environment around him and leads a carbon-conscious life. An avid reader of the literature of design and architecture, he believes in the power of design thinking. A competent and detail-oriented professional with a “can-do” attitude allows him to experiment and use the latest technology to convert his ideas on paper into tangible products.

Shubham Jain
Project Architect