Thambatty Cottage

Hillside Vacation Villa

Surrounded by tea plantations within the Western Ghats range, the Thambatty Cottage is sited overlooking the valley with the village. Distant views of the mountains are taken in through the low single storey verandah running the perimeter of the villa. The idea was to create a getaway from the busy urban life amidst natural surrounds and adventure trails. The landscape is given back to native tree species instead of the tea plantation, and the local Pollachi stones are used for construction. A rainwater harvesting and storage scheme allows the villa to meet its own water requirement. The cottage shall also be open to short term rentals with services such as Air BnB.
  • Client
  • Private Owner
  • Area
  • 4,000 Sq. ft.
  • Design Team
  • Sushil Karer, Abdul Bari, Sawai, Sanya Khurana
  • Statust
  • Under Construction