Masterplanning: Creating public domain of great variety and interest

Design Atelier, a New Delhi based Green Architecture Firm, focuses on concepts that gracefully integrate campus function, technology, landscape and urban pattern with social life and ambiance. Campuses need to be responsive to continuous re-invention through design up-gradation, and rapidly scalable expansions.

Developing a masterplan is like setting a vision for the future. This vision addresses the complex issues that affect our towns, cities and neighborhoods and visualize that how a particular environment can be changed for the better.
DA believes in designing sustainable places in balance with the aspirations of communities. “We appreciate your approach to the difficult terrain and sensitivity to native environment at site. It was indeed an achievement that 400 acres was planned for minimum cut/fill and water self sufficiency using BIM tools,” says one of the company’s satisfied client.
Design Atelier is winner of Emerson Cup for best buildings in emerging cities.