Dhora Desert Resort

We recognize that the precarious state of our ecological future and it is overflowing with potential for design. The lasting effects of human influence on the environment should guide us on new ways of thinking about the natural world. Reinvigoration of the bond between building the natural environment. Good buildings understand the relationships between natural systems and the surrounding environment.
In keeping with the resource scarce times we live in, Architecture today must not only be graceful, it must also be seen to offer a hardworking, environmentally sensitive and sustainable energy design.Improved performance and Sustainable practices in Architecture will then have a lasting impact on businesses as also on the entire economy.
  • Client
  • Dhora Resorts
  • AREA
  • 870 Sqm
  • COMPLETED 2017
  • Design Team
  • Sushil Karer, Abdul Bari, Ashish Karode
Local Community Participation and promotion of local building arts and craft
Project makes an effort to promote use of indigenous construction materials and techniques so as to encourage participation of stakeholders and communities in conservation of natural, built and intangible heritage, as also artistic and cultural activities such as local arts and crafts. The project requires activities such as water harvesting and conservation of natural resources and wildlife, and awareness building on energy – efficiency and in promoting use of renewable energy resources.

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