Krishnapatnam Township

Krishnapatnam Ultra Mega Power Plant Township is a Mixed Use Residential township with a 15 year horizon of 10000 population. Rainwater is harvested to create the entire domestic water requirement for 2 years.
The township master plan design, focussed us on integrating township functions with technology, landscape urban life, ambience, ensuring social, economic and environmental sustainability. Life at Krishnapatnam is conceptualised around the natural environment and around sports and vibrant public spaces. The rainwater system creates sources of domestic water as also spaces of engagement. We believe that through design upgradation townships can be responsive to continuous re-invention.
  • Client
  • Reliance Power
  • AREA
  • 200 Acres
  • Design Team
  • Aashish Karode, Pawan, Neelam, Piyush Prakash, Sushil Karer

Sustainable Integrated Master Planning at Krishnapatnam was planned to address many issues of remote sites in a scientific and an effective, resource conservative approach to Water Supply Drainage and Rainwater. Domestic water was generated from Storm water collection from Roof, Street, Roads & Land, by simply collecting excess rainwater to recharge ground water table by ponding of excess water. De-+/Centralising waste and water treatment, reusing of wastewater through cost efficient approach. A dual plumbing - water supply and distribution system with potable and recycled water supply lines to minimize water consumption was planned. Rooftop Rainwater harvesting in buildings for continuous replenishment of water table and aquifer. Artificial recharge wells, for rainwater collection and stored water is used for horticulture. Waste: Segregation of Waste and Treatment.

-Aashish Karode- Creative Director

Transport: Localised Public Transport and Shuttle services with encouragement of walking and bicycling and segregation of Motorized and Non- motorized transport with safety of pedestrians. Soil: All landfill is local by balancing of cut and fill. Treating daily green waste for valuable compost product. Electricity: Minimizing electricity from conventional sources by 10%. Low Dependence on Conventional sources. Decentralised Roof top Solar generation. Reduced consumption: Localised Electric connection with LED Solar streetlights with standalone installation.

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